A Clothing Tech Moment

ClothingTechTraveling is always a great excuse to buy more techie clothing.  This trip is no exception.  From new shoes to new shirts and pants, we bought some new performance clothing to stay cool in the China heat and warm in the cool South African evenings.

For Him:
What: Alpine Climbing Pant (link to website)
Maker: The North Face
What’s so great: these are by far the lightest pants I’ve ever owned. Good for hot and cold weather, they are made from a super thin 4-way stretch fabric that moves and breathes, too. Folded, they pack down wafer-thin. Zippered pockets are great for securely carrying iPhones, cash, and other valuables. Flat-front and available in an ash gray or graphite (very dark gray), they will also be my dress pants.

For Her:
What: Ocean Shoes
Maker: Jambu
What’s so great: Hands-down the comfiest, most-breathable, walking shoes I’ve ever traveled with. Wide toe box, cushy soles, upper leather with cute flower cut-outs for extra airflow, plenty of protection so you don’t stub your toes on the steps of the Great Wall, and dainty straps around the ankle with fancy blue flowers to boot. Dressed up or down my feet will be in these shoes most of the trip.

For Him:
What: AirFlo Tilley Hat
Maker: Tilley Endurables “Handcrafted with Canadian Persnicketiness”
What’s so great: when sized properly, the Airflow hat keeps you cool and stays on even in windy conditions without needing the chin strap. It’s crushable and retains its shape. You can roll it up so it’s not completely crumpled but the stitching insures that it will pop back into shape. Keeps the sun off for a little personal shade.  Tilley insures your hat against loss and is guaranteed for life.

For Him:
What: Pro Combat Hypercool shirt and compression short
Maker: Nike
What’s so great: made from Dri-Fit, this combo is vented in all the right places. Nike’s Dri-Fit materials continue to improve every year. They feature all-flat taped seams and no pesky tags. A super comfy combo for hot weather travel (or working out as it was designed)

For Him:
What: Renegade Shorts
Maker: Kuhl
What’s so great: Like the North Face Alpine pant, the Renegade shorts are made from very thin 4-way stretch material. They also have 2 zippered pockets, one on each leg, to keep your valuables safe.  Great for hot sticky weather or technical tromping around.