Bergen to Stravanger (Norway in a Nutshell)

The morning in Bergen was a bit overcast. It rained last night and the streets were still wet.

The next leg of the our Norway in a Nutshell tour called for a bus ride to Stavanger, so we grabbed a taxi to the bus terminal, and we barely made our bus – I guess we were enjoying our breakfast too much.

The first hour was through the outskirts of Bergen and south until we came to a stop…and it was raining outside…  

A man in a day-glo yellow traffic vest got on and started talking to us in Norweigian about “bus” and “rollover” and “2 people” and other things we didn’t understand.   It turned out that we were at a ferry crossing, our bus was going to board the ferry, and this was a safety check. Apparently if you don’t wear your seatbelt you could be fined 1500NOK ($240), so always wear your seatbelt just in case the bus rolls over.

So the bus drove onto the ferry…

We got off the bus and climbed the stairs to the ferry. This was no small ferry judging by the semis parked around our bus:

We proceeded out into the open water:

We saw small (summer?) houses dotting the shore, and further out we saw what looked like an aquaculture farm:

For 40 minutes, we cruised the intercoastals of Norway.  Why a ferry?  As I explained to my 11 year old: buses don’t float. :-)

The ferry is fast (~40mph) and smooth. You can sit inside or stand or walk around outside. At 40 MPH, it’s pretty windy.

The weather turned stormy again and the ferry was pelted by rain, but we stayed cozy inside.

The rain continued until our ferry docked and we had to make a break for the bus. Needless to say that we got a little wet…

Once back on the bus, we were first off the ferry but stopped to let the other cars pass by.

We made our way south over bridges for another hour or so.

Once gain, we came to a stop as we saw another ferry approaching. Yep, a second ferry crossing.

We drove on with the same trucks as the first ferry

And headed out:

When we arrived at the other side, the sun and blue sky were high above.

We drove another 20 minutes or so through the countryside.

This turned out to be a long bus ride and perhaps a flight from Bergen to Stavanger would have been faster, but the bus/ferry/bus/ferry/bus experience was new for us.   All in total, it was 5 hours of bus and ferries. Flights from Bergen to Stavanger start at about $127, so use your own judgement.

We arrived at our hotel, the Comfort Hotel Square, walking distance from the harbor.

We picked this hotel for the location as well as for its hipness, like these photos on the walls of the lobby – which may be a little over the top,

but they were fun to impersonate:

And the color changing ceiling of the hall outside the elevators was cool too:

This hotel also had a pretty interior courtyard:

After checking in, we headed back out and down to explore the harbor of Stavanger…

Happy RTW Travels!

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