Her Name is Rio…

…and she dances on the sand of two of the most famous beaches in the world: Copacabana and Ipanema.  Barry Manilow sang about them in his 1978 song CopacabanaThe Girl from Ipanema  won a Grammy in 1965 , and Duran Duran sang Rio in 1982.  

In addition to it’s world famous beaches, Rio de Janeiro is the host to Carnival every year before Lent attracting over 2 million people.  Rio will also be hosting the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.   


Our trip in July is in Rio’s off-season – winter in the southern hemisphere, however, with an average high temperature of 78 during July, it’s not exactly wintery.

With only a day and a half in Rio – one full day of sightseeing – we needed some help!


Rio suffers from somewhat high urban crime (State Dept).  Pickpockets and petty theft is common.  Massive favelas - neighborhoods of make-shift houses – line the hills behind Rio and are the center of much of this crime.  With the World Cup and the Olympics coming to town, the police are starting to crack down, but they have a long way to go.

Private Tour in Rio

So what’s a traveling family to do?  Hire a private guide!  Check out the TripAdvisor Reviews of Daniel Cabral.  Scoring a #2 spot on TripAdvisor with 169 reviews (165 Excellent, 4 Very Good) is a great endorsement.   Daniel was born and raised in Rio and has been a tour guide for 10 years.  Emails with him have been quick and easy.  Daniel’s website.

What’s Included

$300 per day includes Daniel’s services (and car) for the day.  His one-day tour includes the usual suspects: Corcovado (Christ the Redeemer) and Sugar Loaf Mountain.

What’s Not Included:

Tickets and Food

What’s on the Tour:  (links to Google Maps):

  • Chris the Redeemer (Corcovado) : Built in 1922, this 98 foot (30m) tall statue of Jesus stands above the city of Rio.  
  • Sugar Loaf Mountain: A peak that rises almost 1,300 feet out of the bay.  It’s purely a tourist destination with a cable car to the top.
  • Catedral Metropolitana de São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro: A 246 foot tall conical cathedral that was built in 1964
  • Copacabana Beach
  • Ipanema Beach



Happy RTW Travels!

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