China Planning

For China, we felt like we will need some hand-holding. We don’t speak the language, and we are fish out of water, so we looked into private tours offered by China…


RTW Ticketing with a Major Airline Alliance

Which Alliance? All the major airline networks offer round the world fares: Star Alliance, One World, SkyTeam. Which one you use depends on your preferred airline or status as well…


Trip Planning: Where to Go?

With over 193 countries in the world, there is no shortage of options. We traveled to Europe in July 2011 and visited London, France, Italy, and Switzerland, so we did…

RTW Route Map

Welcome to our Journey: Around the World in 40 Days

Hello and welcome to our journey and its planning process. At the end of June, our family of four will be embarking on a 5-week long round the world adventure…

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