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Bergen to Stravanger (Norway in a Nutshell)

The morning in Bergen was a bit overcast. It rained last night and the streets were still wet. The next leg of the our Norway in a Nutshell tour called…


18 hours in Bergen Norway

Bergen We arrived by (ferry from Flam, a bus from Gudvangen, and a) train from Voss in the early afternoon. The train station is nearby the hotel but not exactly…


Norway: Flåm to Bergen: a Boat, a Bus, and by Rail

Our next leg of the Norway in a Nutshell tour took us by ferry, bus, and train to the city of Bergen, the former capital of Norway. Here are a…


Oslo to Flåm, the Bergen Railway and Flåmsbana

We made our way back to the Oslo train station, found our luggage locker, and headed to the train to Flåm, also known as the Bergen Railway to start our…

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